ApDroid Company aims to respect and shield your privacy issues.

Your privacy is important to our app(

Note: It is clearly stated that this voting app is only a survey app and does not have any affiliation with a government entity to provide or facilitate government services.




Pak Vote uses your collected information in the following manner.


Ø  We may use submitted information to carry out underlying obligations generated through any contracts held among Pak Vote and the users. Through such information, we interconnect you with our other similar products and services to expand our valuable users’ network. Submitted information also us assists to cater the queries of our users, and helps us establish a communicational bridge between ApDroid Company, users, and third parties. Moreover, through such information, we apply changes and modifications in the application.

Ø  Collected information used to administer and organize ApDroid’s services and sites to sustain internal operations. Such operations include analysis of subsequent data, troubleshooting, and surveying and statistical research. It also gives us a substantial insight of applications and services performance and helps us take further initiative to boost the effectiveness. Furthermore, the collected information works as a tool to guard the security and privacy issues of our users and helps to measure the overall efficiency and quality of our advertisements. In addition, through a collection of such data and information ApDroid makes a recommendation to its users regarding similar sites or applications that might interest a particular cluster of users.



Some users’ information is subject to sharing with third parties, individuals or some applications and organizations with the consent of the user.



ApDroid Company takes serious and considerable measures to shelter your private and personal information and data. Such preventive measures evade the peril of loss and misuse of access as well as alteration, disclosure, and destruction. We implement encryption that transmits data through SSL technology. Moreover, we also manage the physical security of our users’ records within our premises. To observe a strict and flawless security system we restrict the access of information to our employees and other stakeholders including agents, third parties, and contractors.

4.        USERS’ RIGHTS


All of our users have explicit rights to deny access to their information and data for marketing etcetera. The application informs the user at the time of collection and submission of data if it intends to employ the information for such purposes. It is advisable that users carefully read all the terms and condition before consenting to them, regarding experiencing links and advertisements from third parties.


5.        CONTACT US


You are more than welcome to communicate any recommendations or comments regarding our terms and conditions. The management team of ApDroid too will address queries and questions.

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